Chitragupta Maharaj Institute Of Management & Technology

An Autonomous Institution, Society Registration Act 1860 Government Of Delhi


S.noCourse NameCodeEligibilityDuration
1.P.G. Diploma In PrimaryP.G.D.P.T.TGraduate2 Year
2.P.G. Diploma In NurseryP.G.N.T.TGraduate2 Year
3.P.G. Diploma In YogaP.G.D.Y12th1Year
3.Diploma In PrimaryD.P.T.T12th1Year
4.Diploma In NurseryD.N.T.T12th1 Year
5.Diploma In Early ChildD.E.C12th1 Year
6.Diploma In Computer TeacherD.C.T12th1 Year


S.noCourse NameCodeEligibilityDuration
1.P.G. Diploma In Material ManagementP.G.D.M.MGraduate1 Year
2.P.G. Diploma In ManagementP.G.D.MGraduate1 Year
3.P.G. Diploma In Human ResourceP.G.D.H.RGraduate1 Year
4.P.G. Diploma In Marketing ManagementP.G.D.M.MGraduate1 Year
5.P.G. Diploma In Telecom ManagementP.G.D.T.MGraduate1 Year
6.P.G. Diploma In I.T ManagementP.G.D.I.TGraduate1 Year
7.P.G. Diploma In Corporate Financial ManagementP.G.D.C.F.MGraduate1 Year
8.P.G. Diploma In International Human ResourceP.G.D.I.H.RGraduate1 Year
9.P.G. Diploma In International Business EnvironmentP.G.D.I.B.EGraduate1 Year
10.P.G. Diploma In Business OrganizationP.G.D.B.OGraduate1 Year
11.P.G. Diploma In Customer Relationship ManagementP.G.D.C.R.MGraduate1 Year
12.P.G. Diploma In Management AccountingP.G.D.M.AGraduate1 Year
13.P.G. Diploma In Project ManagementP.G.D.P.MGraduate1 Year
14.P.G. Diploma In Call Centre ManagementP.D.D.C.C.MGraduate1 Year
15.P.G. Diploma In Quality ManagementP.G.D.Q.MGraduate1 Year
S.noCourse NameCodeEligibilityDuration
1.Diploma In Sale & Marketing ManagementD.S.M.M12th1 Year
2.Diploma In Office ManagementD.O.M12th1 Year
3.Diploma In International Business EnvironmentD.I.B.E12th1 Year
4.Diploma In Technology ManagementD.T.M12th1 Year
5.Diploma In Mall ManagementD.M.M12th1 Year
6.Diploma In Materials ManagementD.M.M12th1 Year
7.Diploma In International Human ResourceD.I.HR12th1 Year
8.Diploma In Business OrganizationD.B.O12th1 Year
9.Diploma In ManagementD.M12th1 Year
10.Diploma In Retail ManagementD.R.M12th1 Year
11.Diploma In Financial ManagementD.F.M12th1 Year
12.Diploma In Operation ManagementD.O.M12th1 Year
13.Diploma In Supply Chain ManagementD.S.C.M12th1 Year
14.Diploma In Industrial RelationD.I.R12th1 Year
15.Diploma In IT ManagementD.I.T.M12th1 Year
16.Diploma In HR ManagementD.HR.M12th1 Year
17.Diploma In Business CommunicationD.D.B.C.M12th1 Year
18.Diploma In Customar RelationshipD.C.R.M12th1 Year
19.Diploma In Management AccountingD.M.A12th1 Year
20.Diploma In Project ManagementD.P.M12th1 Year
21.Diploma In Call Centre ManagementD.C.C.M12th1 Year
22.Diploma In Quality ManagementD.Q.M12th1 Year
23.Diploma In N.G.O. ManagementD.N.G.O.M12th1 Year
24.Diploma In Life InsuranceD.L.M12th1 Year



S.noCourse NameCodeEligibilityDuration
1.P.G. Diploma In Hotel ManagementP.G.D.H.MGraduate1 Year
2.P.G. Diploma In Hotel Adminitration & HospitalityP.G.D.A.HGraduate1 Year
3.P.G. Diploma In Hospitality& TourismP.G.D.H.TGraduate1 Year
4.P.G. Diploma In Principal of Hotel ManagementP.G.D.P.H.Graduate1 Year
5.P.G. Diploma In Tourism & GuidelinesP.G.D.T.GGraduate1 Year
6.Diploma In Hotel Adminitration & HospitalityD.A.H12th1 Year
7.Diploma In Hotel ManagementD.H.M12th1 Year
8.Diploma In Tourism ManagementD.T.M12th1 Year


S.noCourse NameCodeEligibilityDuration
1.Diploma In Computer ApplicationD.C.A12th1Year
2.Diploma In Information TechnologyD.IT12th1Year
3.Diploma In Computer Hardware Maintenance & NetworkingD.C.HN12th1Year
4.Certificate In Computer ApplicationC.C.A12th1Year


S.noCourse NameCodeEligibilityDuration
1.P.G. Diploma In Fashion DesigningP.G.D.FD.Graduate1Year
2.P.G. Diploma In Dress DesigningP.G.D.DDGraduate1Year
3.P.G. Diploma In Fashion Business ManagementP.G.D.FBGraduate1Year
4.P.G. Diploma In Interior DesignP.G.D.IDGraduate1Year
5.P.G. Diploma In Fashion DesigningP.G.D.FDGraduate1Year
6.Diploma In Dress DesigningD.DD12th1Year
7.Diploma In Fashion Business ManagementD.FDM12th1Year
8.Diploma In Interior DesignD.ID12th1Year